Universal Unaware Of Longtime Security Breach: “Embarrassing Beyond Belief”

Good thing the morons at Universal aren’t in charge of Homeland Security. Because I’ve learned that studio bosses Ron Meyer, Jim Waters, and many others only recently discovered a security breach that has existed on the lot for decades — even throughout all the beefed-up security in effect post-9/11. The bigwigs had no idea non-employees have been able to go onto the lot without showing any ID by telling security guards they’re “a friend of Bill’s” and then heading to the 12-step meetings held in a building near the front gate. Meyer personally found out about the situation by accident 3 weeks ago and immediately ordered a stop to a 27-year-old practice. “Ron went ballistic. He was out of his mind. And it was embarrassing beyond belief that this was allowed at the same time people were using mirrors to check under cars,” a source tells me. No one is suggesting the 12-step members themselves were security threats. But the possibilities for abusing the system by anyone intent on doing harm are obvious. Now 12-step meetings on the lot are for employees only. Universal is still trying to find a nearby meeting room off-lot for the non-employees. (The studio has offered to pay for space but most 12-step programs stipulate that each group be fully self-supporting and not dependent on outside contributions.)

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