Arianna Made $21M From HuffPo-AOL Sale

So much for all those inaccurate media reports that Arianna Huffington’s piece of the HuffPoAOL deal was around $100 million. In fact, her share was less than 7% of the $315 million sales price. The Smoking Gun today posts a new court document stemming from an ongoing lawsuit. Marked ‘Confidential’ and ‘Attorney’s Eyes Only’ and dated February 2011, the memo prepared for AOL board members shows Arianna received about $21M. And $3.4M of that came in the form of stock options that would vest about 20 months after the deal closed and another $3M in stock options and restricted stock units. The document came to light because of a lawsuit by two consultants accusing Ariana and her business partner Kenneth Lerer of stealing the idea for HuffPo.

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