Alec Baldwin Is All Business In MSNBC ‘Up Late’ Debut With NYC Mayoral Hopeful Bill De Blasio As Guest: Video

Alec Baldwin demonstrated his serious side right from the cold open of his new MSNBC show — offset only by his jauntily moussed hair. Standing in his new Up Late With Alec Baldwin set, which was done up as a ritzy retro waterfront bar lounge, and looking only slightly like the bore who’d just cleared out the place, Baldwin introduced his first guest: Dem NYC mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio.

For the next 45 minutes, the two talked amicably about NYC issues — a conversation that seemed sure to have had viewers outside the five boroughs diving for their remotes. Baldwin at one point tried to pin the candidate down on the issue of legalizing marijuana, but de Blasio would commit only to some painfully limited endorsement for decriminalizing the display of tiny amounts of pot. Later, Baldwin complimented de Blasio on his support of afterschool programs, which Baldwin said give kids, “some place to go, outside of television — oops, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Talking to de Blasio about how the candidate met and courted his wife, the politician said it was love at first sight for him. Baldwin began to muse about his own life experience, saying it was “almost like God would tell me” this is not the one he’s going to end up with, but she’s going to be like this one, so he should study her.

Here’s the first segment of the premiere:

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