BBC Re-Masters Missing 1960s ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes Recently Found In Nigeria: Video

The BBC has confirmed the recovery of nine Doctor Who episodes which had long been thought missing. Reports of the trove first surfaced earlier this week, to the delight of the Tardis faithful, and BBC Worldwide has now made the re-mastered episodes available for download via iTunes. Back in the fold are five installments of 1967 story The Enemy Of The World, and four installments of 1968’s The Web Of Fear which sees the Time Lord battle a robot yeti in the London Underground. All of the episodes feature Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor. Many of the original transmission tapes were destroyed by the BBC, so it’s often copies made for foreign broadcast that turn up to fill in the gaps. According to the BBC, there are still 27 Doctor Who stories that are missing or have incomplete episodes. Here’s a video for the re-mastered Web Of Fear:

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