EMMYS: Q&A With Tina Fey & '30 Rock' Co-Showrunner Robert Carlock

Tina Fey remains a one-woman comedy industry who has done it entirely on her own terms in making the jump from Saturday Night Live to primetime and film. Her 30 Rock enters its 5th season this fall, having earned 3 consecutive Emmys for top comedy and landing Fey 5 Emmys for her producing, writing and acting. (She’s won 7 Emmys in all.) She finds herself nominated for 4 more this year for writing, acting and producing on 30 Rock as well as for a guest actress stint on SNL. Fey spoke with Ray Richmond for Deadline Hollywood along with her 30 Rock co-showrunner Robert Carlock, himself a 3-time Emmy winner, about why it’s never wise to feel too comfortable at the top and how Tina can get sympathy from Oscar voters:

Deadline Hollywood: Isn’t there a point where all of these accolades get a little bit embarrassing already?

Tina Fey: Well, I’m in a constant state of embarrassment as it is. So it’s just about finding a way to translate all of that anxiety into creativity.

Robert Carlock: We all carry a sense of impending failure over here

TF: In fact, even while we’re failing, we feel a sense of greater failure in the offing. In my mind, I hit the bottom of a canyon, the bottom drops out, and then there’s another canyon below it, beckoning.

RC: Then we start to fall up from the earth’s core. No seriously, I mean, we feel a responsibility to set the bar really high for ourselves so we don’t disappoint the people who really love 30 Rock, or the people who work on it.

DH: Do you worry there may be a backlash coming, that after all of the success you’ve had, voters will finally say, “Enough. Time for a little payback”? (more…)

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