Underemployed Jeff Katzenberg: Blogger

The DreamWorks Animation boss looking for a bigger job has taken to sending out emails to the whole company of what looks like a boastful blog (typos and all). This one is pretty boring. But I bet Deadline commenters can do better:

From: Katzenberg, Jeffrey
Sent: Friday, August 06, 2010 7:49 PM
To: DreamWorks Animation

Yikes, another crazy busy day. Bkft with Cyma Zarghami (pres of Nick) to discuss out series. Penguins continues to be very strong (3rd highest rated show 2-11yr). We have already been given a second season pickup for KFP series and it won’t even go on the air until fall 2011 after our feature film has been released. Big promotional/advt pushes lined up for our launch of Megamind and KFP2. Back at studio I spent 2 hrs with Croods and saw fantastic and very imaginative presentations of characters, creatures, and world. REALLY exciting and unique. Then saw story reel of first seq to go into production….good start but lots more to do to get it to great. Discussed latest draft. Hosted the owners of largest private equity fund called TPG on campus ($20B of cash) They want us to know they’re ready, willing, able to support us if there’s ever anything big we want to pursue. Nothing on the horizon but good to have them in the wings and excited about dwa. Went over to employee appreciation lunch for Facilities group. What a fantastic job they’ve done over the last 18 months. New building. Remodeled buildings and commissary. The campus has never looked more beautiful. 3 Cheers to them!!!

Met with Turbo team to discuss latest script which is very big step forward and is very promising project. Met with Mad3 team to review 60pgs of rewrite done by Noah Bombach that are exc!!! Met with Dragons2 team and Dean pitched out next chapter…. very smart /interesting /ambitious. Guardians showed some costume and character designs and some super animation tests (one of the tests Gabe showed of North was a first for me….. he was animated saying f___ you.) FUNNY. No it won’t be in movie. Saw a couple of seqs that had good work but out of context seemed long. Last mtg of the day was 2 hour Franchise mtg where prod/mktg/consumer products all come together to look at long term strategy for managing our 4 franchises and all of the zillion things going on with each of them. Off to dinner with the Family and seeing Scott Pilgrim movie.

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