After a quarter century covering the film business and speaking directly to the industry from my house in the sticks of Long Island, I am taking the Hollywood plunge. I will spend half of each month in Los Angeles beginning November.

The hope is to take as much ground as I can for Deadline Hollywood and help it continue to evolve. The tone and the urgency and irreverence of this site will always be trademarks of Nikki Finke (when I try to write with attitude like she does, I often hear in my head that Bob Seger lyric, “All of Chuck’s children are out there playing his licks”), but I am eager to see how I can do it better. I think Deadline is thriving despite a recent batch of articles implying otherwise, and it pisses me off when journalists cheap shot us (I disagree with New York Times’ reporter Brooks Barnes and his assessment that Deadline has grown bland. The only thing that concerns me is Barnes could teach a master class on how to write blandly, so he’s as close to an authority as you’ll find on the subject). (more…)