UPDATE: Fox News Channel Unveils Its New Self On 17th Anniversary: Video

2nd UPDATE, 6:20 PM: “Good Evening everyone, I’m Megyn Kelly, and I’m BACK!” FNC‘s newest primetime host said/shouted at 9 PM ET today as she dove into the launch of The Kelly File while the camera panned lovingly over her fabulous little black dress and her gorgeous gams, that could be seen through her plexiglass desk. “What does it feel like to be The Most Hated Man in America?” she asked her first guest — Sen. Ted Cruz — her first question. Cruz instead said how honored he was to be her first guest on her first broadcast of her primetime show, as she returned from maternity leave to take over the plum post-Bill O’Reilly timeslot. “Thank you very much, sir. Now ANSWER the question!” Kelly barked, smiling.

Later in her maiden voyage as primetime host, Kelly welcomed the co-hosts of FNC’s The Five to discuss, among other topics, Miley Cyrus’s appearance earlier today on NBC’s Today show in which Miley told Matt Lauer he, like everyone over 40, is too old for sex. A theory that Miley may have a “mental health issue” seemed to be gaining favor, until Kelly shot it down by mentioning “some study recently” that found women over 40 have the most satisfying sex lives — because they don’t want it, and aren’t having it. (more…)

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