National Geographic Orders Pop Science Series Based On UK Format

EXCLUSIVE: National Geographic continues to build a pop science franchise around breakout hit Brain Games. The network has greenlighted a second companion series for flagship Brain Games, Duck Quacks Don’t Echo (working title), based on a panel show created by Magnum Media for UK’s Sky1. The U.S. version, produced by JimCo Prods, will have three co-hosts who will challenge each other by presenting their best theories, like “Can shrimp run longer than the average human?” or “Is it impossible for a blindfolded person to walk, swim or drive in a straight line?,” and then put them to the test with real, in-studio and field experiments. “Duck Quacks Don’t Echo unearths and tests the most obscure and the most absurd theories,” said NGC EVP Heather Moran. “We’re making science entertaining and interactive by revealing the facts behind these ideas and engaging viewers actively in these experiments — and hopefully they’ll learn a thing or two along the way.” The order for Duck Quacks Don’t Echo comes on the heels of the recent pickup of statistics-themed The Numbers Game, also a Brain Games companion. Duck Quacks Don’t Echo starts production in the fall with Jim Biederman and Marla Ratner executive producing.

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