MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Makes “Killing O’Reilly” Crack About FNC Rival On ‘Colbert Report’: Video

MSNBC’s pugnacious Hardball pundit Chris Matthews caused a kerfuffle last night when he visited Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report to plug his new book Tip And The Gipper. Host Stephen Colbert wondered why he didn’t call the book Killing Tip And The Gipper because “that would really boost sales” – a nod to Bill O’Reilly’s best-selling books Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy and the latest, Killing Jesus. Not very original, but anyway, Colbert went there. Matthews responded, “When are we going to have the book we’ve really been waiting for: Killing O’Reilly?” It wasn’t terribly original either: When O’Reilly visited Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show the previous night, he’d made a crack about Rosewater —  Stewart’s upcoming movie about a journalist detained in Iran — being a zombie movie for Netflix. “Actually, it’s called  Killing O’Reilly,” Stewart shot back. The media pounced on Matthews’ crack this morning. Watch Matthews and Colbert here:

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