Tim Kring Producing CW High School Drama

EXCLUSIVE: Heroes creator Tim Kring is shepherding another drama project about teens with powers. The CW has put in development Exp, from Kring’s Tim Kring Imperative and Warner Bros. TV. Written by Zach Craley based on an idea by Jarrett Conaway, Exp explores what happens when a foreign designer drug – engineered to make you faster, smarter, stronger and better in every way – is trafficked illegally into American high schools, weaving a morally and socially complex web that entangles politicians, law enforcement and teenagers looking for an edge in an ever-competitive and fast-paced world. Kring, Zak Kadison and Bradley Thomas executive produce, with Zach Craley and Jarrett Conaway co-executive producing. This is Kring’s second project at the CW. He also executive produces the Wizard Of Oz-themed drama Dorothy Must Die, penned by writing duo¬† Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster. Kring, Craley and Conaway are with WME.

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