The Hollywood Reporter Faces Class Action Suit Over Misclassifying Of Freelancers

The publisher of The Hollywood Reporter has been hit with a lawsuit claiming that the company has denied benefits and worker protections to various freelancers by misclassifying them as independent contractors. David Simpson, a four-year THR veteran who specializes in online video and social media, filed a class action suit (read it here) against Prometheus Global Media LLC in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming freelancers have been denied overtime pay, reimbursement of business expenses, meal and rest periods and other benefits in violation of California Labor Code. It claims freelancers are “indistinguishable from employees in all material respects” and that “the sole purpose of misclassifying freelancers as independent contractors is to deny them benefits and protections afforded to employees.” The suit seeks overtime wages, other compensation and damages, among other causes of action. Simpson is represented by attorneys Matthew B. Hayes and Kye D. Pawlenko of Hayes Pawlenko in Pasadena.

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