‘Dancing With The Stars’ Eliminates Injured Fave Bill Nye As Competition Limps Back In Ratings

Bill Nye the Science Guy, whose fan-fave-dom is helping ABC resuscitate ratings on its Dancing With The Stars franchise, got the hook last night, which may spell trouble for the competition series as it works its way back up in the ratings. Nye’s ouster triggered viewer complaints online that the now-one-night-a-week show’s new system of voting — previous week’s viewer vote lumped with current performance judges’ votes — caused Nye to be booted unfairly. On the other hand, Nye danced mostly from the waist up last night, performing with a pretty serious leg injury after tripping at the end of last week’s dance. The judges last night acknowledged Nye’s dance was unconventional, that he had danced with a fairly serious injury, complimented Nye and partner for choreographing around the injury, said they admired him for performing at all, that their scores did not reflect their admiration of him for what he had done — and then they nuked him. This prompted Tom Bergeron — best reality TV host no matter what the TV Academy says on Emmy night — to ask Nye why the judges’ votes shouldn’t reflect their admiration of Nye, speaking for viewers everywhere. On the other hand, Nye couldn’t dance from the waist up every week, or the other competitors also would have to be judged from the waist up — so maybe this was the Dancing With The Stars equivalent of putting down a much loved but terminally ill family pet. Anyway, before last night’s Nye nuking, Dancing averaging nearly 15 million viewers this season — up 12% compared to last fall — and a 2.7 rating in the demo, which is up 17%. Watch Nye’s performance: (more…)

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