Discovery Orders ‘Dukes Of Haggle’ And Shuffles Schedule To Debut Oct. 1

Imagine if American Pickers and Duck Dynasty had a love child. You’d have Dukes Of Haggle – the latest iteration of the still-going-strong  “found money” reality TV genre. Discovery Channel has ordered 12 episodes of Dukes Of Haggle, to debut tomorrow night. It’s about four rival teams of barterers working in the “barter economy that exists along the backroads of the American South,” the network explained. These teams scour the south to barter-up at barns, swap meets and other, less likely places. Apparently  the bartering business is becoming more competitive there. Once they’ve collected their Prohibition-era kegerators, Civil War swords, Colonel Sanders windvanes and giant faux corn ears, they take them to auction Friday night at Neal’s Auction House which is apparently a community ritual second only to Sunday church going. Dukes Of Haggle is produced by MAK Pictures for Discovery Channel.

Mark Kadin, Will Ehbrecht, Ed Cunningham, Calvin Simmons, and Tucia Lyman are Executive Producers for MAK, while Denise Contis and Joseph Boyle Executive Produce for Discovery Channel.

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