Study Finds Bias Persists Against LGBT Actors

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender actors continue to face discrimination, even as workplace opportunities and conditions improve, according to a new report by SAG-AFTRA and UCLA’s The Williams Institute. About a third of survey respondents believed that casting directors, directors, and producers may be biased against LGBT performers, and more than half of LGB actors had heard anti-gay comments on set. However, respondents also indicated that SAG-AFTRA members provide a supportive environment for LGBT actors; and many lesbian and gay respondents said they would encourage others to come out. The survey was based on responses from 5,692 union members. Almost half of lesbian and gay (LG) respondents and 27 percent of bisexual respondents strongly agreed that producers and studio executives think LG performers are less marketable. Nine percent of LG respondents and four percent of bisexual respondents reported that they had been turned down for a role due to their sexual orientation. And LGBT respondents were less likely than non-LGBT respondents to have an agent, which may put them at a disadvantage when looking for work. You can read the complete report here.

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