Gregory Plotkin Scares Up Directing Debut On ‘Paranormal 5’

EXCLUSIVE: After serving as the editor and co-producer of the last three Paranormal Activity films and the spinoff The Marked Ones that is being released in January, Gregory Plotkin is going to make his directorial debut on Paranormal Activity 5. He has a long list of credits as an editor or assistant editor on films that include Pleasantville, The Insider and The Break-Up. He has become more and more involved in the Paranormal Activity found-footage franchises. Now he gets his shot behind the camera.

It seems like Paramount and Adam Goodman are using the Paranormal microbudget films as a way to incubate new talent. Christopher Landon, who directed Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones and had a hand in writing three other films in the series, was just set to direct Scouts Vs. Zombies at a larger budget for the studio. (more…)

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