Robert Friedman Launches Company To Help Integrate Media With Marketing

EXCLUSIVE: The new operation’s called Bungalow Media + Entertainment and it aims to build bridges between content creators and marketers looking for creative ways to work together in TV, film, live entertainment, and digital media. “A lot of people talk about multiple platforms, but it’s very difficult to produce a brand or show if you’re in a traditional entertainment company,” Robert Friedman tells me. He has credibility and extensive connections in media and marketing after serving as a top exec at @radicalMedia, Classic Media, AOL, New Line Cinema, and the original development team at MTV. He’ll be joined by Todd Hoffman — a former ICM Partners agent who earlier this week unveiled his management/production company Storied Media Group. Hoffman will be a partner at Bungalow and run its West Coast operations as he continues to represent franchises including The New York Times, 60 Minutes, and New York magazine as well as Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, Nebraska co-writer Bob Nelson, and Moneyball writer Stan Chervin. (more…)

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