Bob Shaye & Michael Lynne Set Shingle


More On Shaye’s & Lynne’s New Company 

EXCLUSIVE: So the two New Line founders bounced from their studio by Time Warner boss Jeff Bewkes are finally getting closer to starting their own company. I hear Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne are setting up offices on the 9th floor of their old building on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles. Tipsters tell me that the L.A. head of production is probably Mark Kaufman, responsible for such memorable un-hits as The Man, Martian Child, Codename: Cleaner, Secondhand Lions, but also one legitimate moneymaker, HairsprayEver since Shaye and Lynne found out they were being fired (which I reported exclusively back in January), the pair have been talking about this setting up of a production entity fueled by some projects from New Line development that they could make for their ex-underling Toby Emmerich and that would go through Warner Bros. Also, I hear Warner Bros may give them some films to produce and develop. 

At one point very early on, the duo were talking about starting another New Line (and Ted Turner offered to put up some money), but I’ve since been assured they have given up on that dream/nightmare. Since they pocketed an extremely generous payout from Bewkes (unlike all those other axed NL’ers penny-pinched by Time Warner), that’s what is being used to fund the new operation for the moment. But even though Bob and Michael are centi-millionaires, they’re still intent on using that tried and true Hollywood formula to fund their new operation: Other People’s Money. They are looking for some outside financing so they can produce third party product. I hear Lynne is trying to raise the money through his “New York Cipriani” circuit. Tipsters tell me that he may even relocate to Los Angeles — for obvious reasons. As one insider explained to me, “Unless he’s there watching the store, no one’s giving him money to send out to Bob.”

Gotta tell you: just the notion of a sequel to The Last Mimzy makes me giddy. 

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