Norway Submits Toronto Discovery ‘I Am Yours’ To Foreign Language Oscar Race

Iram Haq’s first feature, Jeg Er Din (I Am Yours), screened in the Discovery section of Toronto. Just prior to its debut there, it was shortlisted as Norway’s potential Foreign Language Oscar entry along with Erik Skjoldbjær’s thriller Pioneer and Arild Østin Ommundsen’s drama It’s Only Make Believe. In confirming I Am Yours to represent Norway, the selection committee has gone less commercial than last year when it picked Kon-Tiki. That film, which eventually scored an Oscar nomination, was also the No. 1 movie of 2012. I Am Yours was released in Norway on August 16th by SF Norge and has sold about 10,600 tickets so far. It does not have U.S. distribution, contrary to the more commercial Pioneer, which is No. 15 at the local box office and which was acquired by Magnolia for Stateside release. Of its ultimate choice, the selection committee on Monday said I Am Yours is “mature and universal” and noted the “personal and authentic” film “raises important questions about being a woman” in a complex society. Amrita Acharia stars as a twentysomething single mother in Norway’s expatriate Pakistani community who struggles with her perpetually disapproving mother. Ola Rapace and Rabia Noreen also star. Actress-turned-director Haq has notably had roles in 2005’s Import-Export and Morten Tyldum’s 2008 film Fallen Angels.

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