Marc Weinstock Is Out In Sony Marketing Shake-Up:

BREAKING: Marc Weinstock is out as president of worldwide marketing at Sony Pictures, and I’m hearing that Dwight Caines is the odds-on favorite to replace him. Caines has strategized Sony’s online marketing activities on its films and has been considered an heir apparent. I’m told that Weinstock could stay in the Sony fold; he might end up in a high position alongside Clint Culpepper at Screen Gems, where he had done marketing until he moved up in the Sony ranks. Sony insiders confirmed Weinstock is out but said nothing else has been sealed.

This is the second such move that has happened at Sony, after movie PR guy Steve Elzer lost his post. All of this comes after Sony Pictures had a rough summer with the films After Earth, Elysium, The Smurfs 2, White House Down. It was a rough enough summer that shareholder Daniel Loeb lambasted Sony management and was, in turn, zinged by George Clooney as not understanding the ebb and flow of film business hits and misses. The Weinstock situation is a surprise because he is a highly regarded marketing executive, one of those guys who can sell ice to eskimos. He has been hands-on in Sony and Screen Gems releases. Looks like another fall guy for a bad run. The first casualty is often the marketing guy.

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