Paramount Making Justin Bieber 3D Movie

EXCLUSIVE: Paramount Pictures has made a deal to turn Justin Bieber’s life story into a 3D feature biopic. Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar-winning director of An Inconvenient Truth, is negotiating to direct. The film doesn’t have a title, but Bieber will play himself in the film. The pic will be sprinkled with performances from his current concert tour. The film will come out February 11, 2011 on Valentine’s Day weekend.  Manager Scooter Braun and Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid will produce the film. Because when you think of romance, you think of a 16-year old who looks much younger. This comes as Bieber made a deal with HarperCollins for a memoir about his life. Is there some explosive secret story that requires multiple platforms to tell? Probably not, but this kid has become  enough of a juggernaut for film execs and publishers to see a potentially huge audience for these properties. The YouTube, Facebook and Twitter star has made himself into the most viewed recording artist on YouTube.  How popular is he? The video for his recent song, Baby, attracted 270 million views on Youtube. Many think that one reason The Karate Kid overperformed on its opening weekend was because of the video that Bieber made with Jaden Smith. Meanwhile, we’re all waiting breathlessly for the inevitable sequel — Justin Bieber, Puberty: The Testicles Descend.

Here is Bieber’s text.
Meanwhile, here is Justin’s tweet:

just some incredible news…
Next Valentine’s we r coming with a major 3D Movie telling the story with an Oscar winning director and also filmin the tour at MSG in NYC!!/blockquote>

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