Sony SVP Steve Elzer Exiting In December

Sony‘s indefatigable top PR guy Steve Elzer will be leaving the studio in December after a 12-year run. It has to do with a consolidation of the department and the recent hiring of Charlie Sipkins. Elzer will stay to assist Marc Weinstock and Sipkins in the transition, and then he will look for another job. Elzer spent eight years at New Line, during the craziest times when that company soared and gave the majors a run for their money.

Like every journalist who exists in this showbiz bubble, i have butted heads with Elzer on occasion, but he has been one of the longest-running acts in a high stress business because he is unfailingly honest and principled. He’s also an easy guy to root for. Particularly when he went through a cancer scare over the past two years. He beat it, his health is fine now, and his hair has grown back. And watching Elzer’s enthusiasm as he worked the craps tables in Las Vegas during those ShoWest fests from my days at Daily Variety, now that was a sight to behold. It was a little like watching Fred Flintstone when he gambled in that 60s cartoon. Steve will find another job right quick, I bet.

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