TCA: New ABC Comedy 'Happy Endings' As Sequel To 'The Graduate'

ABC’s new comedy series Happy Endings revolves around a group of friends who deal with the aftermath of two of them breaking up at their wedding. It starts off with the couple’s church wedding ceremony getting interrupted by the bride-to-be’s other boyfriend who rushes in and brings the proceeding to a screech. Creator/executive producer David Caspe admitted he was influenced by the ending in The Graduate. And more.

“All those romantic movies about people running in breaking up a wedding – I was always interested what happens after that,” he said. Addressing the fact that the ensemble includes an interracial couple (played by Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr.), he noted that “Shows and movies in general tend not not be all white and straight anymore.”

Two side notes: Co-star Elisha Cuthbert said she tried to play “as realistically as possible” her always prone to kidnapping heroine on 24. And the Wayans clan are as funny off-screen as they are on, Damon Wayans’ son said. “ItĀ gets to a point where it’s no longer funny because everyone says so much funny stuff.”

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