ABC Present-Day Drama Project Set In America That Lost Revolutionary War

EXCLUSIVE: What if Americans had no Independence Day to celebrate? A drama project in development at ABC answers that question by building an alternative reality where the 13 colonies lost the 1775-83 Revolutionary War. Titled The Thirteen, the contemporary drama takes place in a world in which the colonies lost their bid for independence, and America is still fighting the British for freedom. The provocative project hails from Lionsgate TV and former Lionsgate Films head of production-turnedproducer Allison Shearmur, who has a deal at the studio. It is being written by feature scribes Jim Agnew & Sean Keller, who penned the upcoming Nicolas Cage starrer Tokarev. This marks Shearmur’s second TV sale though Lionsgate this week — she also is producing an American Psycho sequel series which is in development at FX. Another drama series, NBC’s Revolution, also explores a world where the U.S. does not exist, broken up by a massive power shutdown. Agnew and Keller are with Paradigm and Industry Entertainment.

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