Grossman New Broadcasting & Cable Editor; Robichaux To Multichannel News; Steinert-Threlkeld Lost Out To Advertorial

Reed Business may be up for sale, but life goes on at the brands produced by the media giant. Ben Grossman has been named editor of Broadcasting & Cable, overseeing both digital and print. The announcement was made today by Reed Television & Publishing Group president Jeff DeBalko and Television Group publisher Larry Dunn, who also announced that Mark Robichaux will assume the same position with Multichannel News. Grossman was formerly Los Angeles Bureau Chief for B&C. Robichaux led B&C since August, when he was promoted from executive editor.  He was a 13-year veteran of the Wall Street Journal.

The company also announced that editorial director Tom Steinert-Threlkeld who was overseeing both Reed Television Group publications is now no longer with the organization. He was at the epicenter of a Black Monday shakeup with layoffs at both publications last August. An insider tells me, “The reason they pushed ‘TST’ out is that he had really fought the sales guy Larry Dunn about giving it all up to advertisers and trying to pass off editorial that was really advertorial. TST is an old school principled guy and said, “You can’t do this.’ ” Also, the moves reduce payroll even further. Both outlets are major trades in the TV business, although their differentiation has long been a mystery to the showbiz world. Which is why bets are being waged that only one and not both trades will emerge once Reed Business is sold. So, to reiterate a phrase I used in connection with The Hollywood Reporter not long ago, this does sound like just more rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic.

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