BitTorrent Sets Next Phase For DIY Bundle Distribution Platform

BitTorrent announced today that its Bundle project will hit its next phase on September 24, when approved creators can start building their own DIY distribution campaigns on the new publishing platform. The program, still in alpha testing, eventually will allow creators to charge or collect data from users using pay gates and/or social media gates. In recent months BitTorrent’s first wave of handpicked and curated Bundle initiatives began with film and music partners like Kaskade/Ultra Music, Berklee Online (Berklee College of Music), Public Enemy, The Pixies, Corey Taylor, Jet Life, Cinedigm, Converge Studios, Fly or Die, Linkin Park, and Mickey Hart. The company says 18 million downloads have come from just 10 Bundle campaigns since May; nearly 50 percent of Bundle activity is filmed content, while BitTorrent claims a network of 170 million users. BitTorrent is experimenting with 4K content sharing, as it did recently when musician Mickey Hart released a 2-hour, 4K 268 GB concert footage feature via BitTorrent Bundle. “It’s on our roadmap,” says BitTorrent’s Christian Averill. “Nobody else is doing 4K file sharing publicly right now.”

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