EXCLUSIVE: Directors Guild Acknowledges Weinstein Co.'s Late Residuals Problem

This morning the Directors Guild notified directors who’ve worked for The Weinstein Co films and told them they would be notified about the status of their unpaid residuals with that company. This included the prominent Hollywood helmer who alerted me yesterday that he hadn’t been paid a six-figure residual by TWC for the fourth quarter 2007 and had been told by the DGA that TWC hasn’t paid any residuals for the last quarter on their 20 to 30 films. Shortly after, a DGA spokesperson contacted me today with this formal statement about my posting yesterday: “The DGA has had a long and productive working relationship with The Weinstein Company and its predecessor. It is sometimes the case, with various companies, that residuals payments are late. We are working directly with TWC to resolve this issue and see that our members receive prompt residuals payments.” (See my previous, More Red Ink? Now DGA vs Weinstein Co.)

Look, I understand that DGA members are quietly thrilled that I’ve made this problem public. So here’s a thought: what other movie companies and/or studios are paying residuals late or not at all to the various guilds? I would like to shame them into paying up. On a related subject, I understand that the Screen Actors Guild has filed arbitrations for the millions of dollars in force majeure payments that remain unpaid and still due.

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