Joan Rivers Gets October Date For WGA East ‘Fashion Police’ Hearing

Over a month ago, Joan Rivers called the upcoming Writers Guild of America East trial board hearing over her role on Fashion Police, “a bunch of bullshit.” Next month, the veteran comedienne and longtime WGA member will find out if that’s true or if she’s being shown the union door – or both. The WGA East has set an October 14 meeting in its NYC offices for Rivers and the three-judge panel. The hearing will seek to determine if the E! host “violated the union’s rules by writing and by performing showrunner duties for the E! Network show Fashion Police. WGA members are not permitted under union rules to work on non-union shows. The result of that hearing, which will go to the WGA East council for final affirmation or rejection, could see Rivers tossed out of the Guild – the first member of the WGA East ever to suffer such a fate. The WGA East first announced back on July 10 that it was taking the first steps in the disciplinary measure. Former writers for the E! Entertainment show have been out on strike since mid-April for over $1 million in back wages and overtime. Both Rivers’ management and E! have said repeatedly that Rivers played no part in the situation in dispute on Fashion Police. Now the WGA East will try to figure out if they were telling the truth or not.

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