Some Showbiz Dems Feel Used By Arnold

I’m told some Hollywood Democrats are furious they’ve been “outed” by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign. On Friday, the Los Angeles Times, in what was tantamount to a press release for Ah-nuld, presented the laundry list of Hollywood Dems who have joined Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Haim Saban in the turncoat category for giving money to Schwarzenegger. But what the paper didn’t report was that the Guv’s campaign and/or its surrogates contacted many of these contributors and asked to use their names. And I’m told some of these Hollywood types said absolutely not. The main reason was that they didn’t want to lose their street cred with the party as Democratic activists. A few also claimed that they weren’t supporting Schwarzenegger for his politics but rather for his personal favors. (One Hollywood bigwig told me how Arnold was kind to his kid during a class trip to Sacramento, so that’s why he threw the Guv some dough.) Now they’re squealing like stuck pigs after being outed by the LAT story. Some of these Hollywood Dems donating to Schwarzenegger say they feel used by the campaign for outing them just for the sake of publicity. Especially since they were counting on nobody noticing they were donors since those lists rarely receive media attention. They note there’s a huge difference between supporting Arnold’s politics and approving of his policies vs attending a fundraiser or throwing $500-to-$2K to his campaign. Of course, at this late date, with the election just six weeks away and Phil Angelides still barely showing up this crucial campaign, it may not matter. Among the Hollywood Dems who’ve contributed to Schwarzenegger are Sherry Lansing, Casey Wasserman, Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman and James Cameron (all of whom helped host a massive fundraiser) as well as Tom Werner, Cindy Horn, Chris Albrecht, Billy Friedkin, Peter Chernin and Ron Meyer. Meanwhile, the LAT got it wrong: Sam Haskell, former TV head for the William Morris Agency, ain’t no Democrat: he’s long been a big GOP man and personal friend of Trent Lott. (Guess that’s what happens when the paper takes its info directly from the Schwarzenegger side without fact checking.) Underestimated in this whole sorry business has been the incredible influence behind-the-scenes of Andy Spahn, the former DreamWorks political advisor who recently went out on his own. A long-time Democratic stalwart, Spahn agreed to steer dollars from fat cat Hollywood Dems towards the Guv’s coffers. Yeah, like Schwarzenegger doesn’t have enough campaign cash already. Records show that he’s raised around $100 million since slithering into Sacramento on the promise not to be beholden to special interests. Example: the “no special-interest money” governor has taken more than $2 million in campaign contributions from Big Oil.

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