Were Consumers The Biggest Losers In The CBS-Time Warner Cable Dispute?

It sure looks that way. Millions of Time Warner Cable customers lost CBS-owned stations and channels for a month, and will still probably see their monthly rates rise to accommodate the deal that the companies made last night. But what did you expect? Since August 2, when CBS stations, Showtime and other channels went dark on TWC systems, virtually everyone knew that the distributor would have to cry “uncle” before the NFL season begins. Although the companies are tightlipped about the terms of their new deal, that seems to be what happened. CBSLes Moonves signaled to everyone that he believes he prevailed on the financial terms. “We are receiving fair compensation for CBS content and we also have the ability to monetize our content going forward on all the new, developing platforms that are right now transforming the way people watch television,” he says. No wonder investors have sent the broadcaster’s shares +4.3% in mid-day trading vs a 1.2% increase for TWC.

The cable company’s believed to have been paying around 55 cents per month for each subscriber who receives a CBS-owned station. Under the new deal, the cable company’s outlays will rise to $1.50 in 2014, and $1.90 in 2016, Davenport & Co analyst Michael Morris estimates. TWC also will pay higher amounts to offer CBS programming on VOD and digital platforms including its TV Everywhere offering. Wells Fargo’s Marci Ryvicker says that CBS even could receive retroactive payments for the last month which is “rare when stations go dark.”  All told, the deal will be “a positive catalyst for CBS and broadcast,” Ryvicker says. (more…)

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