Venice: Daniel Radcliffe Fans Storm The Lido As Harry Potter Heat Lives On

The Harry Potter movie franchise may have ended in 2011, but it’s still a big worldwide draw. This was especially evidenced in Venice today where a throng of teenagers “stampeded” the Lido for a glimpse of erstwhile Boy Wizard Daniel Radcliffe – and even reportedly accosted him in a bathroom. Meanwhile, stars like George Clooney, Sandra Bullock and Nicolas Cage have made it through town senza incidente. Radcliffe was here in support of Venice Days title Kill Your Darlings in which he plays Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. He was cool about the unabashed crowd of Italian Harry-boppers who, AFP says, “thumped on the walls and rattled the windows” as they tried to get into a press conference. Radcliffe said, “I’ve been dealing with it in various ways since I was 11… I’m incredibly grateful for the swirl of support behind me. My fans seem excited by the unconventional path I am taking.”

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