Gnosis Moving Pictures Launches With New Pic From Claymation Vet Will Vinton

Gnosis Moving Pictures, a new animation and social gaming production company based in LA, is backing a new feature animation from Oscar-winning Claymation icon Will Vinton (Closed Mondays, Return To Oz, Captain EO, The California Raisins). The Quest is a production of Gnosis and Vinton Entertainment described as a Monty Python-esque absurdist pic about outer space and will feature the voice of John Cleese. Vinton himself will direct from a script he wrote with Andrew Weise and Peter Crabbe, with visual design by Disney vet Bruce Zick (The Lion King, Wall-E, Finding Nemo). Vinton Entertainment is based out of Portland, where Vinton first established the animation outfit that eventually morphed into stop motion house Laika. The Quest marks Vinton’s first directed feature since 1985’s The Adventures of Mark Twain. He is repped by CAA.

New venture Gnosis is funded by private equity and headed by CEO Darius A. Kamali with the aim of producing one to two CG animation and live action features per year. It has also partnered with IPFranchise to produce social and mobile gaming original IP and branded studio properties which so far include development on a social/mobile gaming platform for MGM’s Pink Panther franchise. Kamali served previously as associate producer on MGM and TWC’s Igor and co-exec produced Magnolia Pictures’ upcoming The Hero of Color City.

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