‘Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn Pens NYT Op-Ed To Internet Haters

Haters gonna hate: Anna Gunn could nab an Emmy for her celebrated work on AMC‘s Breaking Bad. But online her character on the show, Skyler White, has earned a “bewildering” amount of fan vitriol. Gunn writes in the NYT: “My character, to judge from the popularity of Web sites and Facebook pages devoted to hating her, has become a flash point for many people’s feelings about strong, nonsubmissive, ill-treated women. As the hatred of Skyler blurred into loathing for me as a person, I saw glimpses of an anger that, at first, simply bewildered me.” Gunn is a strong Emmys contender as Breaking Bad heads into its final run. Online there’s a counter-swell of fans who love the show and its morally compromised antihero Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) so much, they’ve also love to hate her. “Thousands of people have “liked” the Facebook page ‘I Hate Skyler White.’ Tens of thousands have ‘liked’ a similar Facebook page with a name that cannot be printed here… A typical online post complained that Skyler was a ‘shrieking, hypocritical harpy’ and didn’t ‘deserve the great life she has,'” she wrote. When the internet comments devolved into personal threats, Gunn says she took steps to protect herself. “I was also astonished: how had disliking a character spiraled into homicidal rage at the actress playing her?”

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