Show These Reality TV Writers The Money

UPDATE: Remember how, over a year ago, Reality TV production companies like Next Entertainment (The Bachelor) and Rocket Science (Joe Millionaire) were accused of violating labor laws by a writers’ lawsuit orchestrated by the Writers Guild Of America as a step towards unionizing Reality TV? Well, the question is: Where’s the money? Bad enough the lawsuit claimed the writers were denied overtime pay and breaks and were told to falsify time cards. But I’m told that, so far, writers on the 16 shows covered in the lawsuit fight on and haven’t received one dime. One of the compues sued Rocket Science filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in California back in September 2009 primarily because of the litigation. What is the WGA doing about this now? And in case anyone didn’t notice, production companies continue to put on primetime network Reality TV shows with non-union writing so this legal action didn’t change anything. And the WGA today is strangely silent on the whole situation.

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