Weinstein Co. Wants You To Keep ‘Salinger’s Secrets

Sixty-plus years after The Catcher In The Rye began the public’s fascination with enigmatic author J.D. Salinger, a new documentary and book are ready to spill some secrets about him. Just keep them to yourselves, please. The Weinstein Company is teaming with publisher Simon & Schuster for a new campaign called “Uncover the Mystery but Don’t Spoil the Secrets”, which asks people not to reveal details from the movie and book — both titled Salinger — because of their “revelatory and confidential nature”. The film has only been allowed to be screened by a select group of press and insiders, the Weinstein Co. said, and those seeing it before its theatrical release are being asked to sign nondisclosure agreements. If the tactic sounds familiar, think back two decades. “Back in 1993, when Miramax released The Crying Game, we asked journalists and moviegoers not to reveal the film’s secret to their friends,” Harvey Weinstein said in a statement. “With Salinger, we have a similar situation: The joy of this documentary is discovering information that, until now, has been kept under wraps for decades.” Shane Salermo co-wrote the book with David Shields and directed the docu, which began production in 2004. It opens September 6.

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