Canadian Filmmaker Arrested In Cairo Amid Ongoing Unrest: Reports

Toronto-based documentary filmmaker and activist John Greyson has been detained in Cairo along with his traveling partner Dr. Tarek Loubani. A mutual friend of the pair, Justin Podur, told media this weekend that Loubani called him at 10PM local time on Friday to say he and Greyson were being arrested by Egyptian police. The timing reportedly means they were out after a curfew imposed on the city amid the upheaval there. Their whereabouts are currently unconfirmed. Greyson won a Teddy at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival for his documentary Fig Trees and received a special jury citation at the Toronto Film Festival for his 1993 feature Zero Patience. In 2009, he caused a stir when he pulled his short, Covered, from Toronto in protest over a planned spotlight on films from Tel Aviv. Greyson and Loubani were headed to Gaza where Loubani was to carry out medical relief work. Greyson was joining him to do some exploratory work, Podur told The Toronto Star, but the border was closed. A spokeswoman for Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs said the embassy in Cairo “is in contact with local authorities and we are prepared to provide consular assistance.”

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