EMMYS Q&A: Neil Patrick Harris

Ray Richmond is an AwardsLine contributor.

He still looks like the kid doctor he played on Doogie Howser, M.D. for four years (1989-93), but in fact, Neil Patrick Harris just turned 40 in June. He’s old enough to have a couple of long-running TV series behind him—currently, his Emmy-nominated role of Barney Stinson on the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother is in its ninth and final season. But perhaps Harris’ most identifiable character is that of awards-show host extraordinaire. He’s fronted the Tonys four times, earning him a pair of Emmys, and on September 22, he takes his second turn hosting the Primetime Emmys ceremony. He spoke with AwardsLine about what it’s like to suddenly be Hollywood’s emcee du jour.

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AwardsLine: You make hosting awards shows seem both fun and effortless, particularly the Tonys. But it can’t be either that easy or that enjoyable—is it?
Neil Patrick Harris: No, it isn’t that easy. But, well, that’s the job, which is to make everyone watching both in the theater and at home feel welcome and in good hands. Even if everything is falling apart behind the scenes, you need to convey that it’s all just terrific. As for having fun, yeah, I love hosting while I’m doing it. I’m glad that comes across.

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