Jeremy Piven Is A Very Late Addition To The Cast Of Tom Cruise’s ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Piven has just been cast in Edge Of Tomorrow, the Doug Liman-directed Warner Brothers film which stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt and was formerly known as All You Need Is Kill. Wait, you are thinking, hasn’t this movie wrapped? The answer is yes, but they have gone back to shoot some extra scenes. Piven, who is shooting his Col. Walter Marx role right now, was already over there in the UK, on summer hiatus from Mr. Selfridge. A Warner Bros spokesman confirmed all this, but stressed that the plan was always to come back and shoot this extra stuff, meaning the movie is not to be confused with World War Z, which got a whole new third act. No word on when Piven will reprise his Ari Gold role in the Entourage movie that Warner Bros has committed to make. Piven is repped by CAA and Patti Felker.

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