Alki David Sends FilmOn Service Into Seattle Market Despite Injunction

FilmOn went live in the Pacific Northwest today, with the launch of its Seattle “antenna array”. It marks the free-TV-via-web provider’s 12th data center in the US and fourth in the region covered by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which issued a preliminary injunction (read it here) against FilmOn in December. That ruling prevents the service’s users from tuning in the Big Four networks in the region, which includes western states and Hawaii. Said Alki David, the billionaire media provocateur who owns FilmOn, “Unlike would-be competition, we do not charge audiences to watch something that is already freely available.” He has appealed the 9th Circuit’s ruling, and a hearing is set for August 27. As David continues to battle the networks in court, FilmOn also unveiled a partnership today with open-source BitTorrent client FrostWire to offer his service through a new mobile app called FrostWire TV.

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