Deadline’s 10 Best Film Stories Of The Week

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The fallout from the box office flop of The Lone Ranger continues for Disney with a big expected write down in the offering while stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer complain that it was the critics that killed the film. That, along with Steven Spielberg departing the director’s chair on American Sniper and investor Daniel Loeb retreating from his demand that Sony sell off its entertainment assets, make up some of the top film stories that Deadline ran the past week. Take a read here:

Hollywood Blues: ‘Smurfs 2′ Bombs Here And Blah Overseas; Denzel-Mark’s ’2 Guns’ Wins Weekend, ‘Wolverine’ Holds For #2

By Nikki Finke – SUNDAY AM, 7TH UPDATEThis is yet another weekend that confounded and confused Hollywood as domestic numbers are coming in lower than projected and only international grosses are saving Summer 2013.

Disney Expects To Write Down As Much As $190M For ‘Lone Ranger’

By David Lieberman – CFO Jay Rasulo just told analysts that the company is “disappointed” in the film’s performance and likely will take a charge of anywhere from $160M to $190M next quarter.

Steven Spielberg Drops Out of Directing ‘American Sniper’

By Mike Fleming Jr – EXCLUSIVESteven Spielberg has takenAmerican Sniper out of his crosshairs, after declaring in May that he would next helm the film about decorated Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, with Bradley Cooper playing the marksman.

Daniel Loeb In Retreat: Backs Off Sony For Now With Praise For CEO Kazuo Hirai And George Clooney; But Can He Be Trusted?

By Nikki Finke – Apparently, The Most Hated Man In Hollywood just wasn’t comfortable being labeled “The Most Dangerous Man To Our Industry” by George Clooney for all the world to read (via Mike Fleming’s exclusive Deadline interview and carried by Yahoo this past weekend).

Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer Blast Critics Over ‘Lone Ranger’ Bomb: They “Slit The Jugular” Of Our Film

By Jen Yamato – Lone Ranger stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer waited until they hit the UK press circuit to explain why the expensive Disney tent pole flopped big time at the summer box office.  

‘Lovelace’ Injunction Rejected By Federal Judge In $10M Copyright Suit

By Dominic Patten – UPDATE, 5:10 PM: Despite a $10 million copyright and trademark suit field on Tuesday, Lovelace is still coming out on Friday.

Ang Lee To Next Helm 3D Film With Classic Boxing Battles Including Ali-Frazier

By Mike Fleming Jr – EXCLUSIVEAng Lee, who won the Oscar for directingLife Of Pi, will next take his 3D camera technology in a new intriguing direction.

Do Oscar Voters Have Short Memories? Bradley Cooper Hopes Not

By Pete Hammond – If your movie was released in March or April, and has Oscar aspirations, it requires every trick in an Academy consultant’s publicity handbook to try to keep it alive against the massive onslaught of competition unleashed in the back eight months of the year.

Isn’t It Time To Take ‘Waterworld’ Off The All-Time Flop List?

By Mike Fleming Jr – In an interview with Deadline last Friday, George Clooney expressed ire for Third Point hedge fund chief Daniel Loeb‘s criticism of Sony Pictures management, claiming Loeb didn’t know the first thing about the movie business.

Can ‘Lovelace’ And Its Stars Help Bring VOD Movies Front And Center At The Oscars?

By Pete Hammond – Lawsuits aside, can Lovelace become the latest high profile theatrical/VOD release to also get Oscar attention?

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