Aereo To Launch In Miami, Houston, And Dallas In September

Miami comes first on September 2, followed by Houston on September 16, and Dallas on September 23. The Dallas date probably will be too late for Aereo to play a role there in the carriage dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable. Dallas is one of the markets where CBS owns the station that carries its programming and is dark on TWC, the leading cable distributor. In a similar situation in New York, where Aereo is already up, TWC has urged subscribers who have been without CBS since late Friday to check out the streaming service, which offers a one-month free trial. Broadcasters have taken Aereo to court, saying that it infringes on their copyrights by streaming their programming to its customers. Aereo says it simply leases antennas — and provides remote DVR services — so consumers can take advantage of the transmissions broadcasters already offer for free. The company charges $8 per month for the service with 20 hours of DVR storage, and $12 for 60 hours.

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