Lucas Till Joins Teen Drama ‘Sins Of Our Youth’

Lucas Till has more than mutants in his movie future. While the X-Men: First Class actor is set to return as Havok for Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Till is also joining Sins Of Our Youth. He’ll be joined in the teen drama by Super 8’s Joel Courtney and Breakfast Club alumni Ally Sheedy. Details are sketchy over Till, Courtney and Sheedy’s characters but the pic focuses on four teenage boys who accidentally kill a younger boy while shooting off rifles. As the quartet tries to deal with the killing, things take an even darker turn. Gary Entin is directing based on an original screenplay by his brother Edmund. As he did with the Entin brothers on the high school-based Geography Club, Michael Huffington is producing under his Huffington Pictures banner. Sins Of Our Youth is scheduled to start principal photography this week on location in and around Las Vegas. Joel Courtney is repped by CAA, Ally Sheedy is represented by Innovative Artists and Lucas Till is repped by APA,

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