Les Moonves Calls Time Warner Cable’s A La Carte Proposal “Grandstanding”

CBS just released CEO Les Moonves’ response to Time Warner Cable’s offer yesterday to provide CBS stations to subscribers on an a la carte basis. He rejects it as a PR stunt, adding that TWC has “more than 100 pages of our actual proposal” but never provided “a mark-up or reply to anything contained in them.” He adds that if TWC really believed in a la carte then it would offer its “new, multi-billion-dollar Lakers and Dodgers channels to your subscribers in Los Angeles” as a separate option. “Instead, your subscribers in Los Angeles are already being charged in the neighborhood of $4.00 for the Lakers and likely more than that for the Dodgers – both of which you have pulled off broadcast television entirely. These charges are added to the cost of your customers’ basic monthly bill whether they want them or not.” TWC also pays less for CBS than it pays 10 networks “all of which have far fewer viewers.” In addition, Moonves rejects TWC’s offer to resume carriage of CBS under terms from the contract that recently expired. It was negotiated in 2008 which was “before the introduction of the iPad. Netflix was still doing little but mailing out DVDs. Amazon was known simply for selling books.” He concludes by urging Britt to eschew “public posturing that achieves nothing but confusion” and to “return to the negotiating table and talk about the real issues that separate us. We will be there waiting and hopeful.”

Here’s the letter in full: (more…)

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