Joan Rivers Calls WGA Hearing “Bulls**t”

The veteran comedienne and longtime Writers Guild of America member doesn’t want to talk, she wants to call the union out. “This is such a bunch of bullshit. E! should hire Anthony Weiner to work with these people. He’d fit right in,” Joan Rivers said in a statement Friday about the WGA East setting a trial board hearing over her role on Fashion Police. Variety first reported the statement by Rivers. Three unnamed judges will determine if Rivers “violated the union’s rules by writing and by performing showrunner duties for the E! Network show Fashion Police.” The result of the hearing, which will go to the WGA East council for final affirmation or rejection, holds serious implications for both Rivers and the guild because WGA members are not permitted to work on non-union shows. The WGA East first announced back on July 10 that it was taking the opening salvo disciplinary measure. Former writers for the E! Entertainment show have been out on strike since mid April for over $1 million in back wages and overtime.  Since they first filed claims with California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement in early April, the non-unionized FP writers have been backed by the WGA in their fight. On April 10, the writers added Rivers’ production company to their claims. Both Rivers’ management and E! have said repeatedly that Rivers played no part in the situation in dispute on Fashion Police. The striking writers insisted in an online video and other venues that Rivers could solve the dispute if she wanted to.

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