Maker Studios Announces Polaris Network Focusing On Gaming And Geek Culture

Media company Maker Studios today announced its new gaming network Polaris, formerly known as The Game Station. “By re-launching our gaming channel as Polaris, we’ll be able to focus not only on videogames, but offer original content that embodies our deep love of pop culture, movies, comics and all-things-geek, said Dar Nothaft, VP and general manager of Polaris, Maker Studios. The new network features YouTube’s most popular gamers, including PewDiePie, Yogscast and Dodger, in addition to game reviews, trailers and original programming. The Polaris channel serves as a hub for a broad network, which attracts more than 1 billion+ views a month across 500+ top channels, according to Maker. Chris M. Williams, Chief Development Officer, oversees Polaris along with Maker’s other major vertical channels. The Polaris team also includes Luis Medina, Director of Partnerships, Isaac Zucca, Director of Programming, Nathan Kitada, Director of Branded Integration, Sarah Wick, Talent Strategy Manager, and David Rostal, Head of Network Development.

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