TCA: Showtime’s David Nevins On Ending ‘The Borgias’, Netflix’s Game, Bryan Zuriff

Fans of The Borgias took their Save The Show campaign to TCA, hiring a plane to hover over the Showtime-sponsored outdoor lunch today carrying a “Save The Borgias” banner addressed to Showtime and its entertainment president David Nevins. Nevins referenced the stunt during the network executive session, which followed. “I feel bad about the money being spent,” he said, adding that he also encountered what he described as a “paid protester” on his way in. Nevins also re-addressed the reasons for cancelling Borgias and scrapping the idea of a movie that would wrap up the story. “We looked hard at looking a two-hour finale but the economics didn’t make sense,” Nevins said. “It came to a good stopping point.”

Nevins also discussed emerging competitor Netflix. “Netflix is playing an interesting game, who knows who’s watching what,” He said, referring to Netflix’s refusal to share data about its viewership. “Ratings is a function of showmanship… It’s a rich time to be making premium television.” (more…)

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