Cablevision’s Cloud-DVR Upgrade Allows Simultaneous Recording Of 10 Channels

This could be an important development, and not just for Cablevision customers. Cable execs have been keeping an eye on the company’s efforts to pioneer the cloud-based DVR, which gives subscribers the ability to use a conventional cable box — without a hard drive — to record shows and fast forward through the ads. Today’s changes boost the number of channels subscribers can simultaneously record to 10 from four, ups the storage capacity to 75 hours of HD from 25 hours, and raises the price to $12.95 a month from $10.95. (The company also is changing the name of the service to Optimum’s Multi-Room DVR, from DVR Plus.) “Our cloud-based DVR is the industry’s most advanced DVR service and provides customers with the flexibility they need to enjoy the programming they love without being forced to choose between shows,” says VP of Video Product Management Bradley Feldman. By comparison, DirecTV’s Genie DVR can record five channels simultaneously and Dish Network’s Hopper can record up to six. If Cablevision’s upgrades give it a clear advantage over its competitors, at a low price since it doesn’t require lots of new equipment, then don’t be surprised if lots of other operators introduce their own cloud-based DVRs.

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