Comic-Con 2010 Preview: July 21-25



Luke Y Thompson covers Hollywood events at the Con for Deadline:

To cover Comic-Con comprehensively would take more people than most any media outlet can actually spare; to cover most of the major happenings is nearly doable with a whole lot of preparation, and even more stamina. I can’t help you with the stamina (though in all seriousness, if you attend a gym, crank up the cardio in the days prior), but I can and will go through the schedule as it is unveiled, and highlight what I think are the panels most likely to be talked about, one way or another. In some instances, I have strong enthusiasms; please note that opinions expressed in Comic-Con pieces by me are 100% LYT, and do not necessarily represent those of anyone else on… or in the known universe, for that matter. My biases, as usual, tend toward movie-based panels, and my coverage, as it has in the past two years, will mostly reflect this.

Comic-Con has added a whole new wrinkle here by announcing that not all four-day passes will permit access to Preview Night. This guarantees a whole lot of hurt feelings, courtesy of fans who won’t look at their badges closely enough, and the usually clueless Comic-Con security, who tend not to be especially helpful. If you do get in, this is the time to buy exclusive toys and snap up any decently priced rarities you might see. Remember, the good deals are generally gone by the end of the show, though if you’re interested in stuff that isn’t especially rare or popular, waiting for dealers to slash inventory on Sunday might be a risk worth taking.

Also, there’ll be a screening of the pilot for the new TV show Nikita which seems to be the umpteenth re-take on Luc Besson’s La Femme Nikita, starring Maggie Q. Seriously? Were fans crying out for yet another version, after the Bridget Fonda theatrical remake and the long-running Peta Wilson series? If you’re answer is yes, head straight to Ballroom 20 at 6 PM. Come 9 PM, the show closes for the night. Get to bed early… you’ll need your sleep. Oh, and apparently there’s no Twilight panel this year, so all you sparkly-dude-lovin’ ladies can sleep in an actual bed this time, rather than a tent outside Hall H.

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