Comic-Con 2010 Preview: Friday, July 23


STAR WARS DAY (This is a meaningless appellation unless and until George Lucas sees fit to say or do anything regarding the proposed live-action TV series.)

Luke Y Thompson covers Hollywood events at the Con for Deadline:

10:15-11:15 AM: Aloha, Earth! Have you heard they’re doing a new HAWAII FIVE-O TV show? Do you care? Well, you might want to attend the panel anyway, as the show’s executive producers are STAR TREK/TRANSFORMERS scribes Orci and Kurtzman, the director of the pilot is UNDERWORLD’s Len Wiseman, and it stars Daniel Dae Kim (LOST) and Grace Park (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA). Sure, they’ll try to steer the discussion toward this new show rather than talk about what you actually want them to talk about, but it’s a chance to see ‘em all at once anyway. Room 6BCF

11:00 AM-12:00 PM: Star Wars Day: Hasbro Panel. If you’re at Comic-Con, chances are you’ve owned STAR WARS toys at some point. Wanna see some new ones? This is the place. Room 7AB

11:00 AM-1:00 PM: Comic-Con How-To Session: Costuming with Sabrina Belly Dancer. From the official schedule: “Sabrina will show how to create a costume bra top for hall costumes or a masquerade performance.” In saying that, it has practically guaranteed that all the creepy raincoat dudes will come out of the woodwork for this one. Room 18

11:00 AM-12:00 PM: Mattel and DC Comics: A Heroic Partnership. Fans of action-figure collecting love Mattel’s DC superhero toys, and hate how hard they can be to find sometimes. Go vent your frustrations to the toy team at this one. Room 24ABC

11:15-11:45 AM: Summit Entertainment: Drive Angry 3D. I’m sorry, but “DRIVE ANGRY 3D” just doesn’t seem like a good title to me. “DRIVE ANGRY” by itself, sure. Then put 3D in the small print. But you know what? It stars Nicolas Cage as a vengeful father. And the last time that happened, we got THE WICKER MAN. And say what you will, that was a damned entertaining movie. In 3-D, will the edges of Cage’s inevitable bad hairpiece be extra-visible? I for one cannot wait to find out. Hall H

11:30 AM-12:30 PM: AMC’s The Walking Dead. A lot of people are psyched for this TV show based on the popular and acclaimed zombie comic book. Frank Darabont is in charge of the show, and the original comic creator Robert Kirkman is an executive producer, so it’s likely to be a faithful interpretation. It premieres in October, and presumably you’ll get a li’l looksee here. Room 6BCF

11:30 AM-12:30 PM: Caprica. Is this BATTLESTAR GALACTICA spinoff still on? I guess so. Ballroom 20

12:00-1:00 PM: Archie Comics: Cooler Than Ever! No. No they’re not. Room 24ABC

12:00-1:00 PM: Skyline. The Brothers Strause, special effects maestros who also codirected the poorly received ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM, have been given another shot at sci-fi action from Universal, in yet another movie where aliens attack Los Angeles. Panel moderator Drew McWeeny of HitFix (previously AICN’s “Moriarty”) is arguably more famous than anyone in the actual cast, which includes Donald Faison, Eric Balfour, David Zayas, Scottie Thompson, and Brittany Daniel. Hall H

1:00-2:00 PM: Bloom County’s Berkeley Breathed: The Secret Sex Tapes. Oooh, this could be good. Anyone who read newspaper comics in the ‘80s and didn’t love Bloom County is simply not to be trusted in matters of taste, though its eventual spinoffs into Outland and Opus may have diluted some of the nostalgia love. Most interesting, though, is that Breathed has announced plans to show never-before-seen screen tests for the OPUS movie that was at one time going to be made by Miramax. He may be kidding, but there really was a movie planned…and little is known about why it didn’t happen. If this is for real, it will be awesome. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, never mind. Room 6A

1:00-2:00 PM: Super. Writer-director James Gunn’s return to feature directing some four years after SLITHER – and post-SCREAM QUEENS — sounds a whole lot like KICK-ASS, with an unlucky man and psychotic teen becoming costumed crimefighters. Nonetheless, Gunn has always had a sharp and insightful wit, whether in his novel THE TOY COLLECTROE or his breakthrough screenplay for TROMEO AND JULIET. I just hope it’s less gratuitously in-jokey than SLITHER…like that movie, it stars geek faves Nathan Fillion and Michael Rooker, along with Rainn Wilson and Liv Tyler. This versus the Berkeley Breathed panel is a real tough call for me. Hall H

1:45-2:45 PM: Batman: The Return. Yes, Bruce Wayne died in the comics. Yes, they’re bringing him back. This should not come as a surprise to anybody over the age of 5. Room 6DE

2:00-3:00 PM: Spotlight on Stan Lee. The comics legend and shameless self-promoter always has to have at least one panel to himself…but he’s usually got some good stories to share. Room 6BCF

2:15-3:15 PM: The Cape: Sneak Peek and Panel Discussion. A cop who is presumed dead becomes a masked superhero, in yet another generic-sounding TV pilot. But Keith David’s part of the cast, and he’s cool. Unfortunately, he’s not the lead. Room 6A

2:15-3:45 PM: Miramax Films: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Anyone who saw the original TV movie as a kid remembers being scared as hell by the tale of scary little creatures who emerge from a boarded-up fireplace. Guillermo del Toro is producing the remake, which stars Katie Holmes, who probably knows a few things about life among short, scary creatures. Holmes won’t be there as far as we know, but del Toro and director Troy Nixey (the imaginative short “Latchkey’s Lament”) will. Hall H

3:00-4:00 PM: Star Wars Day: Star Wars Trivia Game Show. Oh, man. A STAR WARS trivia contest at Comic-Con? This could get brutal. Room 7AB

3:00-3:45 PM: The Joss Whedon Experience. Yawn yawnity yawn for me, but if you missed his panel with J.J. Abrams the day before and are feeling sad about it, go here. Oh, he’s supposedly directing THE AVENGERS. I wish he were not. Ballroom 20

4:00-5:00 PM: Girls Who Kick Ass: A New Generation of Heroines. A panel discussion featuring KICK-ASS’ Chloe Moretz, LOST’s Elizabeth Mitchell, SUCKER PUNCH’s Jena Malone, FRINGE’s Anna Torv, and SCOTT PILGRIM’s Ellen Wong and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Probably not a lot of news at this one, and I’m just guessing they’ll come to the conclusion that it’s pretty awesome when girls kick ass. Ballroom 20

4:00-6:00 PM: Sony Pictures Entertainment: The Other Guys and The Green Hornet. I am actually looking forward to THE OTHER GUYS, which seems to expand upon COP-OUT’s notion of two opposing buddy-cop teams, one being good, and the other pathetic. Dwayne Johnson and Sam Jackson are the awesome duo in this comedy that focuses on the less-good combo of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, the latter of whom has potential to be a great straight man to Will’s wackiness. Ferrell and Wahlberg will be in the house, along with Eva Mendes (didn’t know she was in it until just now) and director/frequent Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay.

As for THE GREEN HORNET, the concept of postmodernist Michel Gondry adapting a retro-superhero in 3-D with the unlikely casting of Seth Rogen could potentially be something incredible. Sadly, the recently released trailer makes it look like a generic spoof. Maybe they can restore the faith at the panel. Gondry, Rogen, and the film’s villain, Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz, will try to win us over. Hall H

4:30-5:30 PM: Pixar Animation Studios: Ronnie Del Carmen. The story supervisor for a studio that never, ever seems to tell a bad story. You could learn from this guy. If he lets you. Room 26AB

4:45-5:45 PM: Falling Skies. A Steven Spielberg-produced TV show about alien invasion, starring Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood. I would have been more excited for this in 1986. Room 6A

5:30-6:30 PM: Shout! Factory: Roger Corman: King of the Independents. He’s sorta like the Stan Lee of B-movies, in a lot more ways than one, except he has an honorary Oscar. The producer and self-promoter extraordinaire will discuss his career alongside Joe Dante, Sid Haig, Allan Holzman, and Mary Woronov. If you don’t know any of those names, this ain’t for you. Also, you’re lame. Room 25ABC

6:00-7:00 PM: BBC America’s Being Human. Based on the trailers I’ve seen, this looks like an attempt to cash in on TWILIGHT mania, with a very English show that deals with the adventures of a werewolf, vampire, and ghost who live together. Not to be confused with a shitty Robin Williams movie of the same name. Room 6A

6:00-7:00 PM: Simpsons Collectors Group. Worst. Panel. EVERRR! Okay, not really, but it seemed appropriate to say it. Santa Rosa Room, Marriott Hotel and Marina

6:30-7:30 PM: Action Figures: Behind the Plastic. Major players from the toy industry discuss the world of action figures and how they are made and distributed, with such industry luminaries as Randy Falk, the Four Horseman, and Mattel’s ToyGuru. Room 26AB

7:30-8:30 PM: Klingon Lifestyles: IKV. You know those hardcore STAR TREK geeks who study the Klingon language? They make short films and stuff. Wanna see? You know you’re curious. Room 6A

8:00-10:00 PM: World Premiere: Batman: Under the Red Hood. Bat-fans know that in the comics, Red Hood was an integral part of the Joker’s origin. It’s not clear that this animated movie necessarily tells that specific story, but it might. Encore screening immediately following. Ballroom 20

8:30-9:30 PM: Ironclad Panel and Footage. An upcoming movie that apparently retells the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (i.e. SEVEN SAMURAI, Comic-Con programmers…you’re supposed to know these details!) in medieval times, starring James Purefoy, Brian Cox, Derek Jacobi, and Jason Flemying, none of whom are necessarily expected to attend (though “surprises” are teased). But there will be an 11-minute battle sequence shown. Room 7AB

10:00 PM-12:00 AM: Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation: Sick and Twisted. Okay, so never mind what I said yesterday, it seems the Sick and Twisted stuff is still around. Generally, the fans get to cheer or boo the shorts shown here, and those that aren’t so well received get dropped from future screenings. We’ll see. Room 6BCF

11:00 PM-12:30 AM: Syfy Original Movies and Chiller: Mega Piranha. Starring Tiffany, who will introduce the movie in person. This being a SyFy movie, the title literally says it all. Room 6A

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