Kristin Chenoweth To Launch 10th Season of TLC’s ‘Say Yes To The Dress’

EXCLUSIVE: Looking to remain dominant in the all-things-bridal programming thread, this TLC this morning will announce that Kristin Chenoweth is starring in the 10th season debut of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress on August 16. No, Chenoweth is not getting married — at least, not that we know of. Her assistant/BFF is the bride-to-be. But won’t it be fun to watch how Chenoweth makes it all about her? Apparently assistant/BFF (and what’s wrong with THAT arrangement?) Julie has decided to shed her simple classic style for her boss’s style on the most important day of her life. Freud would have a field day. Anyway, Julie is now looking for a short dress with glitz and glam for her second wedding gown. But her choice doesn’t go over well with the crowd advising her. Guess who takes over and finds what she thinks is Julie’s perfect wedding gown, and even models it for the bride-to-be? Sadly, Julie isn’t sold, which leaves our poor heroine – that would be Chenoweth, in case there’s any doubt – worrying and fretting in re whether assistant/BFF/Julie will ever find a dress that’s out of her comfort zone and reflects her, Chenoweth’s taste – because if there’s one thing a bride needs on her wedding day it’s to be thrown out of her comfort zone, by her boss.

Seems you can’t throw a brick at the small or big screen these days without hitting Chenoweth. She was cast to co-star in CBS’s James Burrows directed Matthew Broderick multi-cam comedy vehicle last development season, she is one of a dozen who signed on early to appear on NBC’s Sean Hayes-produced Hollywood Game Night, she appeared before AND at the end of this year’s Academy Awards broadcast on ABC — after which her feature film, the Banjamin Epps-directed Family Weekend was released on premium VOD and then in theaters.

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